Getting Married

At Olivet Bible Church we value weddings and see them as one of the most important days in a person’s life. As such we are committed to making your day memorable whilst ensuring it is done in the right way before God’s eyes.

The pre-wedding process at Olivet Bible Church takes a minimum of 12 weeks. This starts from the time of the announcement of the commencement of a new set of premarital course classes till the completion of all the steps involved. So start your preparations early!


  • At least one of the intending couple must be a member of Olivet Bible Church
  • The member(s) MUST have gone through the Olivet Academy
  • Should belong to a department or Cell Group
  • Should be a tithing member
  • Should have received consent from both parents


If you meet the requirements, download and submit completed copies of the marriage registration form (available below), marriage clearance form (available below), two passport photographs and a letter of introduction from your pastor to

Download Marriage Registration Form
Download Marriage Clearance Form