Our Ministries

The different arms through which we spread the gospel


About Olivet Academy

Olivet Academy is the life development arm of Olivet Bible Church that commenced in October 2007 with 30 students who were admitted into the first level of the academy, Foundation Truth Studies. The academy aims to impact students’ lives in a manner that no graduate of Olivet Academy fulfils Hosea 7:8b (Ephraim is a cake not turned).

The life development process is carried out through the academy’s five schools: The Foundation Truth Studies (FTS), Life Education Advancement Program (LEAP), Life Impact Ministerial Academy (LIMA), Evangelism, Missions, and Outreach School (EMOS) and Life Impact Development Academy (LIDA). The academy as well as each school, is coordinated by a team of vibrant and anointed men and women of God who are committed to the vision of Olivet Bible Church, inspiring the saints, impacting the world.

Our Mission

Through well articulated teaching methods, innovative guidance through the word of God and spiritual leadership, we aim to equip people for leadership positions in the church and in Nigeria generally – Men and women whose character and action reflect Olivet Bible Church’ core values:

Righteousness, Excellence, Love, Integrity, and Teamwork. Ultimately, we seek to contribute to the process of solving Nigeria’s and, by extension, Africa’s problem of Leadership.

Lecture Time

Saturdays 7AM – 9:AM

The school resumption time of 7:00AM is adhered to in order to prepare students for exemplary service. Students are encouraged not to miss any class as each session lasts approximately 6 weeks.
However if a student is unavoidably absent, the coordinators organize make –up classes for a maximum of 3 courses for students in FTS, LEAP and LIDA, and a maximum of 2 courses for students in LIMA and EMOS

Faculty Members
  • Past. Owen Nlekwuwa (President)
  • Past. Ngozi Nlekwuwa
  • Past. Iyke Ogunna
  • Past. Joy Ngwakwe
  • Past. Omavowa Akapa
  • G.B.M.Adesimi
  • Mike Odiah
  • Pearl Okonkwo
  • Austine Ene
  • Clement Ndubuisi
  • Obi Nzerem
  • Chijioke Osumuo
  • Josephine Nzerem
  • Ogechi Odiah
  • Friday Eze
  • Obiuto Basil
  • Glory Ezinne
  • Collins Obi
  • Christian Ndupu
  • Iheanyi Njoku
  • John Agunze


Also known as 100 level, it is the membership school of Olivet Bible Church that seeks to turn sinners into members of the body of Christ. With a total of 10 courses, FTS provides important information on the basic principles of the Christian faith.

The coordinating team members are Christian Ndupu & Iheanyi Njoku

FTS Course content:

  • 101 The Blood and the Cross
  • 102 The New Creation
  • 103 The Holy Spirit
  • 104 Acquaintance with the Bible
  • 105 Basics of the Christian Faith
  • 106 The Power of Prayers
  • 107 Grace and Stewardship
  • 108 Effective Soul Winning
  • 109 Introducing Olivet 1
  • 110 Introducing Olivet 2
  • Closing Remarks by the Senior Pastor

At 200 level, it is the discipleship school that seeks to turn saints to disciples. LEAP is especially dedicated to developing people for impact in the society and is made up of 10 courses and 2 bonus courses.

The coordinating team members are: Gabriel Adesimi, Iyke Ogunna and Collins Obi.

LEAP Course Content:

  • 201 Basics of the Word
  • 202 Understanding the Godhead
  • 203 Understanding Man
  • 204 Worship as a Lifestyle
  • 205 Spiritual Warfare 1
  • 206 Spiritual Warfare 2
  • 207 Wisdom and Christian Conduct
  • 208 Divine Health
  • 209 Grace for Giving
  • 210 The Concept of Marriage
  • Study on Guidance – Bonus Course
  • Entrepreneurship Basics – Bonus Course

At level 300, it seeks to turn disciples into ministers and equips students for service. LIMA consists of 5 courses and 5 group discussion sessions that combine to position students on the path to fulfilling their purpose in life.

The coordinating team members are  Chijioke Osumuo

LIMA Course content:

  • 301 Understanding Ministry
  • 302 Spiritual Gifts
  • 303 Ministry Gifts
  • 304 Understanding Leadership
  • 305 An Opportunity to Make Impact

At 400 level, it seeks to equip ministers to reach out and win souls. EMOS students are required to complete individual as well as an innovative projects aimed at winning souls for the kingdom of God. EMOS consists of 5 courses and 5 group discussion sessions that strengthen students’ ability to carry out personal evangelism.

The coordinating team member is Clement Ndubuisi & John Agunze

EMOS Course Content:

  • 401 Soul Winning 1
  • 402 Soul Winning 2
  • 403 Friendship Evangelism
  • 404 House to House Visitation
  • 405 Follow – Through

At 500 level, it seeks to develop students for leadership and impact in the society. LIDA consists of 10 courses that combine to equip students with leadership abilities based on biblical principles.

The coordinating team member is Josephine Nzerem.

LIDA Course Content:

  • 501 Positioning for Success
  • 502 Becoming A Leader
  • 503 Developing Potential Leaders
  • 504 Olivet Training System
  • 505 The Power of Vision
  • 506 Catching the Spirit of the Leader
  • 507 Building a Kingdom Dream Team
  • 508 Goal Setting and Delegation
  • 509 Small-Group Dynamics
  • 510 Evangelism
Long Distance Programme

Olivet Academy also offers a Long Distance Online Programme to people living outside Lagos or Nigeria in order to provide an opportunity for a larger number of people to benefit from the teachings of the academy. Long distance programme students are required to have an email address to facilitate exchange of communication and study materials.

For further inquiries, please contact the Registrar at fts_olivet@yahoo.com

Holiday Programme

Olivet Academy Holiday Programme targets students who are unable to participate in the regular program. The programme is designed to have students pass through 2 of the 5 Olivet Academy schools within two months by organizing to two teaching sessions every week.